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Surprise.. Cell phones do not affect human health

A study at the British University of Manchester revealed a big surprise that changed previously prevailing scientific concepts about the effect of the magnetic fields of mobile phones and electricity on human health, as it confirmed that the main proteins found in the human body are completely unaffected by the magnetic fields of mobile phones.


The researchers pointed out that the magnetic fields emanating from mobile phones and power lines are not harmful to human health, which contradicts many previous studies that showed that the electromagnetic fields emanating from these two sources can affect fertility and cause cancer.


The British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” reported that it was believed that magnetic fields could harm key proteins in the human body, but the study conducted by the University of Manchester has now shown that there are no detectable effects at all.


The researchers looked at how weak magnetic fields affect flavo proteins, which are absolutely essential for health, and control the nervous system and DNA repair. If a defect occurs in these proteins, there will be serious effects on human health. However, By exposing proteins to weak magnetic fields in the laboratory, researchers found that they were not affected at all

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