Phobia: Extreme fear

The states of fear that we feel as a result of a certain danger differ from the state of phobia. Phobia is defined as: an advanced stage of continuous, intense, and unreasonable fear of a specific thing or situation that leads to avoiding that thing or situation, and this avoidance may include a degree of helplessness.

A phobia results after a negative experience of something, which is reflected in the person’s position on this matter and the strictness of not engaging in it again. An example of this is:
Fear of being in high places – closed places, intense fear of illness – pain – darkness – crowds – animals – storms and the thunder and lightning that follow…etc.

Anyone at any age can be afflicted with the phobia, but the majority, according to statistics, are women because they acknowledge this fear, while men may fear it so that nothing will affect their manhood.
There are three types of phobias classified by scientists:
– Simple phobia
-Social phobia
-phobia of large, closed or crowded places.

Simple phobia: It is the fear of animals, heights, dentists, airplane rides, medical injections, and some simple things. Children are usually the first group to suffer from this simple phobia, and we find them afraid of many simple things without justification, such as fear of the dark, loneliness, medicine, injections, and going to the doctor, and this stage ends with growth and help from the family.

Social phobia: It is linked to the presence of other people, and includes any activity that takes place in front of any group of people and causes severe anxiety and poor performance, and sometimes amounts to evading the activity under false pretexts. This is what a woman suffering from this type of phobia faces, as she evades social relationships and apologizes for answering invitations. .
Female workers are subjected to this intense fear of being monitored while working, and this negatively affects the desired result of their performance. Some of them may avoid going to places of worship for fear of participating in prayer and worship in front of others.

Phobia of large or crowded places: It is the fear of being far from home or traveling, and the intense fear of walking in empty or crowded streets, and using subway trains and elevators, and this greatly affects a person’s activity and his choice of profession.
Of course, this is a simple reference to some types of phobias, and there are many different cases and types, but what we want to point out here is to pay attention to what we may be suffering from without paying attention to it, while we can treat it and get rid of it with the help of specialists through behavioral training towards any type of phobia. A type of phobia. According to specialists, this treatment has led to effective and guaranteed results.

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