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How can I use coconut oil to lengthen hair?

Use coconut oil for hair growth


Did you know that coconut oil is antiviral? It is anti-bacterial and also removes toxins present on the epidermis layer of the head (scalp). Of course, it moisturizes the hair and protects it from pollution, harmful sun rays, fungi in the air, and many harmful pollutants for the hair. This is why coconut oil is considered… The best oil to lengthen, moisturize and clean hair in the fastest time because it contains many acids such as capric acid. Thus, hamad nut oil provides the best experience for your hair by giving it the proteins it needs. It also maintains the hair roots well and prevents it from splitting and breaking.


There are many other advantages of coconut oil for health because it has a positive effect on blood circulation by improving it, and it also provides the hair with all the requirements it needs to grow well.


It also contains vitamins K and F, and contains antioxidants that help in hair growth


As for the softness and moisture of the hair, it contains the acids that we talked about previously, which help in the elasticity of the hair.


Now we present to you the best coconut oil recipes for hair growth


1 pure coconut oil


Coconut oil enters and penetrates deeply into the scalp and penetrates deeply into the hair, helping it grow in a healthy and natural way. As for the recipe, it is very easy. Wash your hair well with warm water, put the coconut oil in your hand, and use your fingers to massage your scalp. This massage lasts for 3 minutes, as we said, to improve blood circulation. After that, do not wash the hair after applying coconut oil, but rather cover it with a shower cap. It is better for it to be new and your own, meaning that it is not used by anyone else. You do this for 3 weeks. Every time you shower


2 lemon juice and coconut oil


Who among us does not know that lemon juice is good for hair because it effectively stimulates and stimulates the dormant and idle follicles in your scalp? Here, quite simply, you mix four tablespoons of conditioner with a little coconut oil, add a cup of lemon juice, and add it. Mix the ingredients well, then put the mixture on your head and apply the same previous steps by massaging your scalp for three minutes and covering it with your hat and leaving it for a whole day. The next day you wash your hair and do not do this process more than once a week.

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