Automatic bra…heralds a new solution to women’s problems

Researchers in Australia announced the creation of a prototype of the first “automatic bra” that adjusts according to women’s movement.

This invention can provide the necessary support to reduce back pain and other health problems that women may face, especially those who love to practice sports activities.


Professor Julie Steele, from the University of Wollongong Research Centre, said: “Most sports bras always make women feel uncomfortable,” adding that most of them lack the necessary support for the chest, which can lead to long-term pain in the neck and back areas, and even numbness in the fingers. Hand for pressure on nerves in the shoulder area.

Steele, who is director of the Australian Center for Breast Research, said 85 per cent of women wear bras that don’t fit or don’t fit properly, and the idea of ​​a bra that expands as the wearer relaxes and provides tension as they walk or run could help these women, according to Steele.

The bra contains sensors that capture the movement of the user to adjust the support provided accordingly. The research team began the idea of ​​making the bra 15 years ago, but modern technology has made it easier to make a prototype of it, and those responsible expect that it will “fundamentally transform the bra industry.”

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