Suggestions for a Solution Proven to Be Effective for Male Type Hair Loss Experienced

There is no one who does not know about male pattern baldness, which is the fearful dream of every man. Male pattern baldness, which comes with hereditary transmission, affects more than half of men, especially those over 50. There is no cure to stop this condition for sure. Still, there are some interventions you can take to reduce the effects of this negative process and slow down hair loss. However, it is very important that you consult a specialist before applying these methods. Here are some suggestions to help reduce the negative effects of hair loss and male pattern baldness…


1. Thanks to FDA-approved drugs, you can slow down the shedding process


The Food and Drug Administration has two different drugs that go through (FDA) approval and reduce hair loss. These drugs show an effect that promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. You should consult your doctor before taking these medications. It should not be forgotten that these are drugs. When your doctor gives you confirmation of use, you can observe that medications slow down hair loss.


2. Hair transplantation can be a sure salvation


Perhaps one of the most logical options that you can prevent male pattern hair loss is hair transplantation. The most popular hair transplant procedures are divided into two;


Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)


A classic method, this surgical intervention, (mostly enseden) from the back of your scalp involves removing follicles from this strip of skin and then reinserting the hair follicles to the scalp where hair loss is experienced.


Follicular unit extraction (FUE)


FUE hair follicles are taken directly from the scalp and transplanted to the bald areas of the scalp.


The subject of hair transplantation should be made by reliable and expert in the field. After hair transplantation, it is recommended to be ready for certain complications, including infection and scarring.


3. Evaluate laser treatment

With laser treatment, it is thought that the inflammations that prevent the re-growth of the follicles are reduced. There are a limited number of studies explaining the effectiveness of this method, though.A study conducted in 2016 working, it was emphasized that low level laser treatment is safe and effective in treating male pattern hair loss. However, more research is needed to say that this treatment is successful.


4. Quit smoking


If you smoke, you are probably aware of all the possible negative effects of smoking on your lungs. Have you ever thought that smoking can cause hair loss? If your answer is no, a study in 2020 will surprise you. In this study, it was concluded that people who smoke are exposed to more hair loss than those who do not drink. Quitting smoking is one of the simplest treatments for both your overall health and your hair.


5. Massage to the scalp can do wonders


One of the very important treatment methods that you should not pass by “Ne alaka” is massage to the scalp. Massage of the scalp not only makes you feel great, but also helps to stimulate the hair follicles to speed up blood flow. A 2016 foreign-derived study found that Japanese men who received 24 minutes of scalp massage every day for 4 weeks had thicker hair at the end of the study.


6. Eat balanced nutrition


A well-balanced diet can keep your hair end-to-end quality and healthy. If you are a one-way and unbalanced dieter, you will be deprived of some vitamins necessary for your body and hair follicles naturally. Therefore, you should not be missing iron-rich foods, including lean beef, beans, leafy green vegetables, iron-fortified cereals and eggs.


Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, flaxseed, egg yolk, hemp seed and walnuts are high protein foods such as eggs, lean meats and seafood, they are among the minerals and vitamins they contain and other foods that will greatly benefit your hair health. Finally, make sure you drink plenty of water.


7. Get checked-up

In addition to hereditary factors, there are several medical conditions that cause hair loss. These conditions that affect your health negatively have serious effects enough to have a negative effect on your hair follicles. In particular, diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis on the scalp, thyroid disorders, iron deficiency, celiac and syphilis are among the main diseases that reduce hair quality.  Having a check-up and treating such diseases, if any, will reduce your hair loss and improve your hair quality.


8. Reduce stress and stay away from it if possible


Stress is undoubtedly one of the most negative experiences of the age we live in. Stress, which is frequently affected due to daily life hustle and other problems, can have quite negative effects on our body. One of these negative effects is in terms of hair quality. Stress-related hair loss and whitening are common problems in society. The only way to reverse this negative situation is to live a more peaceful and happier life. We know it’s easy to say, but still taking a slightly more desperate, slightly more positive approach to avoiding stress can stop your hair loss.


9. Plant essential oils can be your savior


There is some evidence that peppermint oil plays an auxiliary role in hair growth. In addition, rosemary oil has a positive effect on the hair follicles in terms of increasing blood circulation in the scalp.A 2013 study concluded that rosemary leaf pulp caused hair regrowth in mice. Coconut oil and olive oil are also known to have benefits on hair growth.


10. Review your biotin deficiency


Although the positive effects of biotin on male hair are controversial, it is a fact that the lack of hair loss and the quality of the hair are reduced. So consuming it naturally rather than using it as a supplement would be a much more sensible option. Nuts, onions, potatoes and egg yolks are quite rich foods in biotin.


11. Use green tea

In a study of mice in recent years, it was concluded that the polyphenolic compounds found in green tea may be good for hair loss. However, there are no studies on the effectiveness of green tea on human hair.


12. The last small hairs we can recommend against hair loss


When combing your hair, be as gentle as you can. An aggressive hair screening method can strip your weakened hair strands from their roots. In addition, try not to wash your hair with hot water as much as you can. Your hair loss may be aggravated due to the destructive effect of boiling water on the hair follicles. You should be careful not to apply chemicals that are not specified in your hair and the so-called medicines and creams that are uncertain of the origin produced under the stairs.

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