Garlic reduces weight

Garlic reduces weight




Scientific studies prove once again how true our grandmothers are regarding natural healing. Recent medical research has shown that garlic has other properties in addition to its known medicinal properties, as it has been shown to help with weight loss. This is evidenced by the new research conducted


This research, which was published on official American research websites and in important scientific journals, indicates that allicin, which garlic contains, helps with weight loss.




It became clear from medical tests conducted on mice that were fed with allicin that the weight of the mice did not increase despite being fed large quantities of food, compared to mice that were fed with regular food that lacked allicin.




Garlic is considered an ancient medicinal plant, thanks to the antibiotics it provides, and its ability to prevent blood clotting and reduce the level of fats in the blood. This plant also helps eliminate fungi in the body, which are considered a catalyst for the emergence of impotence and cancerous tumors.

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