Walking for a few minutes saves you from the harms of sitting for hours

An American study indicated that walking for five minutes, even at a slow speed, can eliminate the damage caused by…


It occurs in the veins of the legs while sitting for a long time.


Researchers at Indiana University said that walking for five minutes helps eliminate damage to the veins in the legs caused by sitting for long periods of up to three hours. According to the Science Daily website, sitting for long periods of time while working, for example, leads to risks such as high cholesterol and increased waist circumference, which can lead to cardiovascular disease and disturbed metabolism.


When a person sits, inactive muscles do not contract in order to effectively pump blood to the heart.


Blood can accumulate in the legs and affect the function of the vein membranes or the ability of the blood vessels to relax due to increased blood flow.


Saurabh Tosar, a researcher at Oregon Health and Science University who supervised the study, says that this is the first experimental evidence of these effects.


Tosar explained, “American adults sit for approximately eight hours a day. The impairment of the function of the venous membranes is significant after only one hour of sitting. What is interesting is that doing light physical activity can help prevent this impairment.”


A medical study supervised by researchers from the University of Iowa revealed that walking on a regular basis may contribute significantly to reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for people who suffer from minor or moderate-severe medical disorders.


The results of the study, which included 60 people with Parkinson’s disease, revealed that practicing walking at a moderate pace for 45 minutes, 3 days a week, for a period lasting 6 full months, contributed to reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, as the patients’ general mood and physical fitness improved, as well as Their motor functions, their feeling of fatigue decreased, their memory and thinking abilities were enhanced.


The researchers shed more light on these results, noting that Parkinson’s patients walking at a speed of 2.9 miles per hour contributed to improving motor functions and mood by 15%, as well as concentration and control of reactions by 14%, while levels of fatigue and exhaustion decreased by 11%, and fitness improved. Patients’ physical fitness and walking speed increased by 7%.


During the study, the results of which were published in the medical journal Neurology, the researchers confirmed that walking is a very safe and easy way to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and all patients can practice it provided that their symptoms are mild or moderate in severity.


A medical study concluded that walking for one hour daily reduces women’s risks of breast cancer by at least 14 percent.


According to the study conducted in the United States and the results of which were published in the British newspaper The Guardian, moderate exercise, such as regular walking for an hour a day, would reduce the risk of contracting the disease compared to women who do not exercise.

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