Soybeans lower cholesterol by 70%

According to research published in the “Journal of Antioxidants,” eating soy flour, which is rich in the protein congelycinin; It has the ability to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels.


The research team discovered that this soy product reduces high cholesterol and other fat levels by up to 70%.


Moreover, soy was also able to reduce the risk of diseases such as fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis, and while soy has been celebrated for its cholesterol-lowering properties for a while now, this new research decided to look at the real mechanism responsible for these effects.


Elvira de Mejia, the study’s lead author, said: “As we hypothesized, the effects of soybeans on cholesterol metabolism are not only related to protein concentrations and composition, but also to the peptides they contain.”


She added: “Digested soybean peptides are able to reduce fat accumulation by 50 to 70%, and this is very important, this is similar to a statin drug, which reduced it by 60%.”

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