Get rid of body and facial hair permanently

Today we offer you two recipes to completely get rid of excess hair on the face and body. Follow them with us in the following lines, and share your opinion if you like it.

1- Lemon and honey mixture:


This mixture helps to get rid of excess hair in your body by reducing its growth until it disappears completely. Try it, you will not regret it:


the components :


10 ml of lemon juice


40 ml of honey


How to prepare:





Mix the aforementioned amount of lemon with the aforementioned amount of honey, then apply the resulting mixture to the hair area using a piece of cotton.


Rub the submerged area in the direction of hair growth, leave the mixture for 15 minutes, then rinse the place with warm water.


It is preferable to repeat this process twice a week for two weeks, then repeat the process once a week to get magical results


2- Mix and mask lemon with flour to get rid of facial hair permanently


the components:


10 ml of lemon juice


30 grams of flour

How to prepare:

To obtain a special mask for removing facial hair, mix the ingredients together to obtain a yellow mask. Apply the mixture to the facial skin and wait for 15 minutes.


Rub the area in the direction of hair growth to get rid of unwanted hair and rinse the area with warm water.



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