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Smelly feet may portend serious diseases - Care Beauty

Smelly feet may portend serious diseases

Smelly feet may portend serious diseases

Experts have confirmed that the smell of bad feet can be a sign of diabetes or kidney disease, so if the feet smell sour like vinegar, it may be a sign of diabetes and kidney disease, according to the “Health” website.


Causes of smelly feet

Feet that smells like vinegar is basically an unpleasant odor that comes from sweat. So, if you sweat profusely, your sweat could smell as bad as vinegar.


Who sweats a lot:

• Teenagers are more likely to sweat a lot, often due to hormonal changes.



• People with underlying diseases such as diabetes or fungal infections can make your sweat smell like vinegar. If you have diabetes or a thyroid condition, this can lead to excessive sweating.


• People with hyperhidrosis, a skin disorder that causes excessive sweating.


Even in some kidney diseases, when more urea begins to be produced in the blood, it can lead to a vinegar-like sweat. This is caused by the breakdown of urea into certain compounds due to the presence of bacteria found in normal human skin.


Are feet smelling like vinegar common?

It’s not a condition that everyone has, but many people can have feet that smell like vinegar, especially those with diabetes and kidney disease.


Tips to get rid of the smell of feet

You can get rid of excessive sweating by adding vitamins to your diet. Hygiene also plays an important role in making sure your feet don’t smell like vinegar.


Here’s what you can do to control smelly feet:

1. Wash the feet at least twice a day

Sweating is a major cause of bad smell from your feet. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your feet clean and dry. Wash them at least twice a day before putting on socks and shoes.


2. Wear cotton socks

Cotton is a breathable fabric, which is why it’s a great choice for your feet. Change your socks if they get a little damp, so carry extra socks with you.


3. Use antiperspirants

Use an antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate. It helps control excessive sweating. Once you are able to control your perspiration, the sour smell will also disappear.