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Do you suffer from digestive disorders? - Care Beauty

Do you suffer from digestive disorders?

Several diseases affect those with night shifts; because of staying up at night and sleeping during the day; This exposes them to digestive disorders, constant insomnia and headaches.



Diseases affecting owners of night shifts





Irregular sleep patterns, staying up late at night, and changing daily habits negatively affect health. As it leads to continuous inflammation of the intestine,


Which results in a disorder in the immune system.



Numerous research revealed that staying up late at night and people who work at night are more susceptible to some health problems.



The effect of night work on health





And new research has found that inflammation of the intestines, stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolism, and obesity;


They are more prevalent among people with an irregular sleep pattern, especially those who work long night shifts and due to staying up late at night.



The researchers explained that the reason behind this is the immune cells in the intestine that are strongly affected by the body’s biological clock.


As it is affected by any change in any genes in the biological clock.



The research indicated that people who work night shifts have weaker immune cells. What loses the ability to regulate the health of the intestines due to staying up at night.



The researchers confirmed that night swirls cause many disturbances in the body. Because external light affects the maintenance of body functions in conjunction with the day and night cycles.


As the night period is devoted to rest and sleep, while the daytime hours are devoted to work