Simple tricks to reduce the nose by contouring


The tricks and techniques of applying makeup on the skin have become a daily and regular occurrence, as many women help highlight specific areas on their faces and sculpt places not others, such as the nose.

In recent years, the “contouring” face liner has achieved success and has become the most popular, and many international beauty stars rely on it to show the features of the face in a prominent and beautiful way.

Simple steps to reduce the nose and define it by contouring:

All you need is a brush, foundation, concealer, and powder darker than the skin tone, in addition to a special lightening powder.

First: To redraw the nose, you have to apply the foundation cream with a brush to the entire face.

Second: With a brush, use dark powder to draw two lines on the sides of the nose, starting from the eyebrows.

Third: Blend the line with the brush until it completely dissolves into the skin and looks as natural as possible, then apply a little light powder to the front nasal bone.

Tips to remember:

Use the contouring powder if the person is a beginner.

Use creamy contouring for dry skin.

Choose the right brush that comes with a small head.

Not to draw the horizontal lines far from each other to avoid the appearance of a wide nose.