The word “vegetarian” has become very common today among young people, and many of them have already started the trend to become vegetarians, not only by abstaining from eating meat or products that contain any materials made from animal products such as dairy, for example, but also by using vegetarian products. Especially for skin, like makeup, especially after many famous brands have turned their products to 100% vegan, or as it is called Vegan Makeup.

What is botanical make-up?

Vegetable make-up is intended to replace animal products with natural organic materials from plants, and minerals such as replacing beeswax, dairy products, animal collagen and lanolin with natural oils and plant wax from palm.

Benefits of vegan makeup

Vegetable makeup has several benefits for protecting the environment and also for skin care, including:

Reducing the killing of animals and the use of their organs in the manufacture of make-up, such as the manufacture of collagen and other materials used in the manufacture of make-up.

Vegan makeup is suitable for all skin types.

The natural plant-based materials that make up botanicals will make the skin more beautiful and radiant in the long run.

Not tested on animals.

The most important signs of botanical makeup

There are many brands of 100% vegan makeup, which has affected other luxury brands, among the most important:

Charlotte Tilbury

Cover F X

Milk Makeup


Kat von D.

Hourglass will go vegetarian this year

It is worth noting that many studies have shown that millennials began to trend towards vegan makeup after many of them became vegans, which will push many brands to become vegan products to meet the large and growing demand.

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