6 tips before applying the sheet mask


Sheet mask has become one of the most popular skincare products most women flock to. This mask gives you, within a few minutes, a bright and fresh skin, and it is also very suitable for every woman who does not have time, as the method of applying it is easy and suitable for all skin types. This mask usually features a foliar formula that’s moisturized and rich in nutrients.

But how can you make the best use of the paper mask before applying it?

Here are the most important tips:

Before applying the sheet mask, be sure to clean your skin well, and remove make-up, as the impurities accumulated on the skin will remain trapped between the skin layer and the mask, which will lead to the emergence of pimples later.

Read the instructions written on the mask envelope well before applying it, as some types of paper masks differ in their application method from one type to another.

It is very important to moisturize your skin before and after applying a face mask, to give it adequate moisture in order to obtain better and ideal results.

Washing the face with water and lotion after removing the mask is a common mistake that many women make, because washing the face means removing the serum added to the mask, and thus you will lose the moisture you are trying to get.

Apply sunscreen after removing the mask, especially if you are going out.

Leaving the paper mask on your skin for a long time will damage it, as the more dry the mask becomes on the skin, you allow the beneficial and nourishing elements to irritate it and make it more dry.