Seven exercises to reduce facial obesity

An obese woman can wear loose clothing in order to hide some of the extra kilograms of her weight, but she cannot hide the features of her full face, which makes others easily and quickly notice those extra kilograms that she was trying to hide.


Here, Madam, are facial exercises that can help you reduce the fat stored in the facial area so that your face appears thinner, more attractive, and youthful.



1- Kisses exercises:




Extend the lips and press them together like a kiss for 5 seconds, while moving the lips in this position to each side, first to the right for 5 seconds, then to the left for another 5 seconds.






2- Smiling exercise:



By making a smile, the upper gums and lower gums appear for 5 seconds, then closing the lips and repeating the smile again.


Repeat this exercise 10 times.


This exercise is one of the best exercises to reduce facial fat ever.






3- The puffer fish exercise:






Fill the cheeks with air, then push the air to the right cheek for 5 seconds, then to the left cheek for another 5 seconds. Then exhale the air from the mouth.


Repeat this exercise at least 5 times.






4- Flat cheeks exercise:






By blowing air under the upper lip for 10 seconds, then blowing the right cheek with air for 10 seconds, then blowing the left cheek for 10 seconds.


Repeat this exercise ten times.






5- Closed lips exercise:






Keeping the mouth closed and smiling as much as possible without separating the lips from each other.


Repeat this exercise 10 times.






6- Face and neck exercises:






The woman lies on her back, keeps her head hanging over the edge of the bed, and tries to raise her head forward until her chin touches the chest area.






Full face exercise:






The eyes are closed, the lips take a kissing position and extend forward, and the woman contracts all the muscles in her face while raising the lips in a kissing position towards the nose.

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