Secrets to strengthening the immune system away from nutritional supplements


The immune system is a system of vital processes carried out by organs, cells and particles within the body, with the aim of protecting it from diseases, toxins, cancer cells and foreign particles, by recognizing foreign antigens, which are found on the surface of bodies; It works to eliminate or attempt to eliminate these substances. The immune system consists of a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that protect the body from external dangers, but the human immune system may go through a temporary or permanent state of weakness when exposed to some factors that weaken immunity, and it needs To strengthen it again; Many resort to nutritional supplements, while experts advise not to rely on them, but rather on a healthy and balanced diet, sleep and movement.


Golden tips to strengthen the immune system


Dr. Dominika Nawis, an immunologist in Poland, identified; According to the Polish newspaper “Wyborcza”, and according to the “Sputnik” agency, a set of important rules and advice to strengthen the immune system; Aside from nutritional supplements, they are as follows:




– Get enough sleep every day, not just on weekends; Studies have shown that people who sleep six hours a night or less suffer from colds four times more than those who sleep more than seven hours. Another study on the effects of sleep on the effectiveness of vaccines found that people who slept for 7-9 hours Per week, those who had previously received the influenza vaccine developed twice the number of antibodies than people who slept for only four hours. Dr. Dominika Nawis considers that waking up every day at the same time is an important rule that will enable our biological clock to understand how to work and control the secretion of hormones that Affect the process and quality of sleep.


Eat plenty of plant foods: The key to strong immunity is a healthy gut; The “good” bacteria you live in will be more diverse (i.e. stronger) if you include at least 30 different plants in your weekly diet. Tea and spices are not included in this number. Your gut microbiota can be helped by consuming natural probiotics such as: Kefir and fermented foods, and studies have shown that it is enough to do this for 10 weeks to improve the condition of the intestines, and the inflammatory processes in the body become less noticeable. Immunologist Dominika Nawis points out the need to reduce meat, but you do not have to be a vegetarian for the immune system to work properly. If you eat hamburgers from time to time, your immunity will not drop to zero. However, excessive consumption of foods rich in saturated fats can negatively affect the condition of your body.




Strengthening immunity through movement: Movement plays a major role in maintaining immunity, and at least 30 minutes of activity daily is sufficient. Even if it is walking… Scientists say that 20 minutes of walking stimulates the immune system to release anti-inflammatory substances, and that adults who ride a bicycle regularly produce the same number of T cells as 20-year-old people.




– Avoid buying medications to strengthen the immune system: If the immune system can distinguish between dangerous and non-dangerous; It is characterized by the precision of its work, and any major intervention, for example, taking large doses of some vitamins, according to immunologist Dominica, will not have such a precise effect, and the vitamin will not replace the “wisdom” of the immune system, and the scientist believes that the only medical intervention that Increases immunity is vaccination, which allows the immune system to develop a mechanism that targets a specific virus or bacteria, and Dr. Domenica says: “Our goal should be to maintain balance in the body; Because violating it does not lead to anything good. This is evident through autoimmune diseases, such as: type 1 diabetes; The immune system works incorrectly in some ways, and destroys the human body

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