An American study warns against eating too many eggs

A study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University warned against eating too many eggs.


The study confirmed that eating three eggs a week may lead to heart and circulatory diseases, and even premature death.


Millions of people around the world, especially athletes, resort to eating eggs as a safe alternative to obtain protein.


The study, published by the American Medical Association’s JAMA journal, stated that egg yolks contain a very high percentage of cholesterol.


In the study, researchers examined health data for more than 29,000 Americans.


The average age of the study participants was 51.6 years, and their condition was followed for 17.5 years.


The study relied on analyzing the nutritional and health habits of participants who had not previously suffered from heart disease.


Study participants reported all their personal habits that may cause heart damage, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.


The researchers explained that 5,400 people from the research sample suffered an attack of cardiovascular disease.


While 6,132 of them died of natural deaths in the two decades that followed the start of the research.


The researchers in the study warned against eating too much eggs, especially the yolk, in order to preserve heart health and protect against the risk of blood vessel blockage, atherosclerosis, and strokes.


The study indicated that eating a lot of eggs while not practicing physical activity, smoking and eating foods saturated with fats greatly affect the heart muscle.


The researchers also concluded that cholesterol intake exceeding the normal limit by 300 grams per day increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 3.2 percent. This increases the premature death rate by 4.2 percent.


Each half of an egg consumed daily is associated with an increased risk of heart disease by about 1.1 percent and premature death by 1.93 percent.

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