The concept of physical health

Physical health is the health of all organs of the body, and the presence of complete harmony and harmony between the various organic functions, where each organ of the body performs its function to the fullest extent. It is also the body’s ability to resist all diseases and changes, the ability to adapt according to the conditions the body is going through, to feel strong, energetic and active, to resist fatigue, stress and exhaustion, and to have a strong and robust immune system capable of eliminating and overcoming all pathogens. Physical health is considered the most important reason for a happy and comfortable life. A healthy body gives its owner the opportunity to develop in life and play his role in it to the fullest, unlike a sick body, which is preoccupied with treating its aches and pains. If any of the body’s systems is exposed to disease, all the remaining body systems will be affected. Also, because the body is one mass, it affects and is affected by each other, just as physical health is linked to mental health and mental health, because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.



Ways to maintain physical health




1- Eat healthy, nutritious, integrated food that contains complete food groups, which are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and mineral elements, and focus on quantity and not quality, because food is the basis of the body’s life, and taking care of it is the top priority for physical health, and focusing as much as possible. Eating natural foods free of preservatives, manufactured sugars, and chemical hormones, and focusing on consuming natural antioxidants that strengthen the body’s immunity.






2 – Drink sufficient amounts of water, as water is part of the structure of every cell in the body. It purifies the body of toxins, wastes, and heavy elements, moisturizes the body, regulates its temperature, and forms a medium for the reactions that occur within it. See a doctor periodically, to take regular examinations of the body’s vital functions, to ensure their safety and health constantly, to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar level, blood strength, the safety of the eyes, the safety of the sense of hearing, the safety of the teeth and bones, and to ensure that the body is free of cancerous tumors, in order to treat them. Early, if present.


– Exercising regularly, maintaining the body’s fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, as exercise maintains bone density, prevents osteoporosis, enhances positive energy in the body, and gets rid of excess weight.




4 – Stay away from all causes of anxiety, sadness, tension and psychological pressure, because they have a major negative role in exhausting the body’s energy and weakening its immunity.




5 – Sleep for sufficient hours, because staying up late and lack of sleep is a major cause of illness in the body and weak immunity.




6- Avoid smoking, drugs, intoxicants, and alcoholic beverages in all their forms



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