Rose oil for lips


Lips are the visible part of the mouth in humans, and many animals, the lips are composed of several layers of flesh and soft skin mobile, and they are considered the main gateway and entrance to food and drinks, voice and speech expression and lips are an important part in the pronunciation process and in this article we will learn about Rose Oil for

Rose oil

Rose oil is extracted from many types of roses and plant flowers with a fragrant smell, which contains natural oils containing a lot of health benefits, which enters the cosmetic industry, recent scientific studies have proven that inhaling rose oil after surgeries for children and people with high sensitivity helps reduce pain levels and severity, it also helps to reduce menstrual pain in women through Antibacterial and antifungal, it is also considered a natural antiseptic, treats diseases caused by microbes that cause many skin problems, and reduces depression levels.  

Benefits of rose oil for lips

Rose oil for lips is considered to have great benefits and here are some of the benefits of rose oil for lips:

Rose oil moisturizes the lips and is considered a moisturizer that nourishes the lips greatly because it contains natural compounds.

Rose oil helps to eliminate the problems of chapped lips and completely removes them.

Rose oil helps to distribute pigmentation in the lips,makes them pink.

Rose oil perfectly exfoliates the lips and helps rid the lips of dead skin cells.

Rose oil contributes to the revival of dead skin cells in the lips.

Rose oil reshapes the lips, because it contains natural substances that contribute to the blowing of the lips.

Rose oil protects lips from harmful sun rays such as ultraviolet rays.

Rose oil helps to eliminate thin lines and wrinkles that appear on the lips.

Rose oil contributes to the delay in the appearance of signs of aging.

Rose oil is a natural remedy that is used in the treatment of oral herpes.

Method of using rose oil for lips

There are many recipes for Rose Oil for lips, among which are the following:

Rose oil recipe for lips


The right amount of rose oil.

A piece of cotton wool.

Method of use:

We wash the lips thoroughly and get rid of impurities.

Keep the amount of rose oil by the teaspoon in a bowl.

Dip the cotton into the oil bowl and wipe the lips with it.

Consider using this recipe on a daily basis before bedtime for best results.

Rose oil and honey recipe for lips


A tablespoon of natural honey.

A tablespoon of rose oil.

Method of use:

Put in a bowl the amount of honey present.

We add rose oil to honey.

Mix the ingredients well to ensure mixing of the ingredients together.

Put the mixture on the area of the lips, and around her.

We use this recipe three to four times daily to get amazing results.

Rose oil and turmeric recipe for lips


A teaspoon of ground or grated green turmeric.

A tablespoon of rose oil.

Method of use:

Put in a bowl the amount of turmeric and add to him a tablespoon of rose oil.

We mix the ingredients thoroughly to ensure homogeneity.

Put the mixture on the lips for one hour.

We wash the mixture with cold water, this recipe is used daily.

Recipe for Rose and saffron oil for lips


A teaspoon of saffron.

A teaspoon of rose oil.

Method of use:

Put in a bowl rose oil and saffron.

Mix the ingredients together.

We put the mixture on the lips daily so as to increase the coloring of the lips and turn them pink.

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