Gold mask .. How to use it for the face and body and its most important benefits


When the gold mask appeared in the world of cosmetics, it became a real breakthrough and leap in the concept of beauty, due to the fact that the magnificent supple skin, free of wrinkles and signs of aging, and of uniform color, is the top priority of every woman.

Gold mask is a successful cosmetic product that has conquered the world in the past few years and has gained widespread fame among women for its effectiveness in beautifying the skin, fighting the effects of aging, and eliminating multiple skin problems.

Since it is easy to use on the skin of the face and the whole body, the gold mask has become an affirming magic remedy for sagging marks, an indispensable friend in the life of every beautiful who wants to tighten her skin, and get the best young look.

Encouraged to use the gold mask density, is that it is made entirely of natural materials do not provoke allergies, and do not cause any damage to the skin, without any side effects at all. 

Benefits of a gold mask

The use of gold for centuries to treat many skin problems, such as bedsores colored spots, vitiligo, and display the properties of the therapeutic, which saved us the oldest civilizations, so it was said that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was one of the first to use in history, to enhance the beauty and attractiveness.

Today the gold mask is made differently, and many useful substances enter with it to treat the skin, thus offering several guaranteed benefits

1. Gold mask works to tighten the skin, regenerate skin cells

2. The gold mask helps to slow down the process of decreasing collagen in the epidermis, thereby preserving its youthful appearance as long as possible

3. The gold mask resists the signs of aging, and the collagen contained in it fills the voids of wrinkles and treats them

4. Gold mask keeps skin elastic, gives it softness and hydration

5. The gold mask gives the skin instant freshness, shine and shine to make-up, making it ideal for the bride before her wedding, and before important occasions

6. Gold mask treats sunburn, skin irritation, sensitivity and inflammation

What components of a gold mask

The gold mask contains many natural ingredients that nourish the skin, which play a huge role in giving it freshness and vitality, fighting aging and signs of aging, signs of fatigue, and also unites the skin tone, filling the skin voids.

The gold mask consists mainly of 24-carat pure gold particles, gold has been known for its healing, nourishing, and cell-regenerating properties since centuries immemorial, and was used by pharaohs, Japanese and Romans in ancient times, as a proven and outstanding treatment for skin problems.

Also included in the composition of gold mask is vitamin E, an essential vitamin for nourishing and smoothing the skin, protecting it from dryness and cracking, and is rich in natural antioxidants that protect it from various diseases.

Collagen is an important component of the gold mask industry, it is the essential protein for the muscles, tissues and fibers of the body, and wrinkles and signs of aging occur when it is less produced in the skin, causing sagging and sagging.

The final ingredient in the gold mask is fruit extracts and rose fragrances, which give the skin a soft touch and a pleasant aroma.

Types of gold mask

The gold mask is available in several forms, but no matter how it is used, its benefits remain the same.

The gold mask is found in the form of golden flakes and small strips that are unique to the face and neck, completely covering the skin, leaving for a while until the skin fully absorbs its benefits.

The gold mask is also available in the form of a soft-touch elastic mask, which comes in a small bag and is then applied to the skin for at least an hour until the skin has absorbed its ingredients, and then removed.

The gold mask is also available in the form of creams distributed on the face, left long enough for the skin to absorb its contents, and then wash the skin thoroughly.

The last form of the gold mask is powder, produced by some beauty companies in large packages, which is dissolved in water, covering the face and body with it.