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How to use shea butter to lighten the body - Care Beauty

How to use shea butter to lighten the body


Shea butter is used for many aesthetic uses, as shea butter is relied upon to lighten the body greatly because of its ultra-effective properties to lighten and whiten the skin. As they use to regenerate skin cells, moisturize and soften the skin, get rid of the distortions and white lines, fight the signs of age and aging.

That’s in addition to a lot of amazing aesthetic properties that shea butter has.

So how can Shea Butter be used for bleaching?

Method of using shea butter for Face Whitening

Shea butter is used to whiten the face it is great for lightening and uniformizing skin tone and eliminating dark spots.

Prepare a pinch of shea butter and apply it directly to the face, and you can also add a little olive oil to it.

Gently massage the face in circular motions for minutes.

Then shake off the excess butter with a cotton swab.

Use this mixture immediately after bathing.

Method of preparing shea butter for Face Whitening

Mix a spoonful of shea butter, a spoonful of honey and apply to face for half an hour before washing with water.

Apply this recipe once a week and you’ll get the skin of your face that is white and radiant.

Shea butter to lighten the body

The amazing whitening ability of shea butter makes it a magical ingredient that you have to rely on to achieve your dream of white, clear skin.

Prepare a tablespoon of shea butter and melt it in a water bath.

Mix a spoon of starch, with a spoon of coconut oil, spoon of almond oil, one teaspoon peanut butter.

Mix all the ingredients together until well combined.

After that add fine sugar.

Rub the body with this mixture by circular motions. Repeat this mixture once a week and you’ll get a whitish body.

Shea butter for whitening hands

For its amazing skin lightening properties, you can also use shea butter to Whiten Hands and get soft, feminine light hands.

To Whiten Hands with shea butter you need:

Spoon of shea butter

Tablespoon milk

Instant yeast spoon

Two capsules of wheat germ oil.

Web shea butter in a water bath fee instant yeast in the milk. Then add it to the shea butter and stir well until homogeneous.

Then add two capsules of wheat germ oil.

Put the mixture in an empty can and grease hands with it morning and evening and the results will surely amaze you.

Shea butter for whitening knees and elbows

If you suffer from blackening of the knees and elbows, then just resort to using the wonderful shea butter and here is the shea butter mixture to whiten the knees and elbows:

2 tablespoons of shea butter

Nescafe spoon

Coffee spoon

Half a spoonful of ginger

Mix all the ingredients together and grease them on the areas to be lightened such as knees and elbows and leave for 20 minutes before washing.

Repeat the procedure twice a week and you will completely get rid of blackening of the knees and elbows.