One product gives your skin everything it needs from morning till night


One product gives your skin everything it needs from morning till night

In a hurry in the morning and looking for a product that gives your face skin everything it needs? Then you only need to use Vichy Mineral 89 water, which was chosen by the skin experts at your skin site, as a morning boost and is not wonderful for your skin no matter what kind, the reasons are many and important, let’s get to know it through the next lines ..

Vichy Mineral 89 contains a unique formula that combines Vichy Thermal Water, rich in minerals and, for the first time, concentrated 89%, with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid.

With the combination of these ingredients, Mineral 89 works to strengthen the skin’s membrane to protect it on a daily basis from stressful external factors such as pollution, stress and fatigue (which are factors you face every day from morning to evening), and the daily use of this wonderful water ensures that the skin is moisturized, healthy, fresh and bright throughout the day because it contains it. It contains hyaluronic acid, which for a long time retains moisture in the skin and even reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Moreover, Vichy Mineral 89 is a great step that you will not regret before applying your make-up in the morning, as it will keep your skin hydrated for a long time and facilitate the application process of foundation that will glide smoothly on your skin without causing any clumps on your face.

As for how to apply it, all you need is to apply two sprays of Vichy Mineral 89 water to the entire face with patting movements, then apply and leave it to dry before applying any product to it.

Protected, supple and hydrated skin with Vichy Mineral 89 from morning to evening, are you still hesitant to give it a try!

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