Get hydrated and radiant skin in 15 minutes


Garnier returns us to provide the best for our skin with every new product, and today we present to us the Fast Fairness collection that gives you a wonderful and bright skin in record time. Come learn about the components of this group and its benefits for our skin through the following lines ..

The First Fairness set from Garnier contains products that give you complete care for your skin from morning until late at night, when cleaning the skin in the morning or evening you can choose a quick lightening face wash 100 ml wonderful and refreshing, while you need to apply a quick lightening day cream 50 ml with vitamin C from Garnier With lemon, which contains sun protection factor in addition to it is rich in vitamin C to give you a uniform and free complexion. While you can end your day with a fast lightening night cream 50ml, which helps exfoliate dead cells and nourish your skin overnight.

You can top this wonderful routine with a quick glow face mask, a mask mixed with a milky formula and vitamin C, this mask makes your skin smoother and more radiant in just 15 minutes as it equates to a bottle of moisturizing serum. It is suitable for dull skin for an instant glow, and is recommended to be used 3 times a week.

As for the way to apply a face mask for quick glow, it is easy and simple:

Open the mask and apply it gently to clean skin. Define the mask around your face.

Leave it on for 15 minutes, at this time you can move freely as it stays sticky to your face.

Gently pull the mask off, gently massage your face and use a piece of cotton to remove the excess.

Still confused about getting bright and supple skin quickly? All you have to do is acquire the First Fairness set from Garnier and start using it immediately, and for the mask, you can apply it 3 times a week for lasting moisture and freshness.