Rising Trend: Medical Aesthetic Applications


Medical aesthetic methods have come to the fore in beauty trends in recent years. You can take inspiration from medical aesthetic procedures to have a tighter, slimmer body and create flawless skin looks.

Now let’s take a closer look at the most popular aesthetic applications with you recently. What does one of the medical aesthetic methods work? We explain in detail medical applications such as hyaluronic acid fillers, lip strap, jawline and gold needle that will make you look younger and smoother. What is the most suitable aesthetic procedure for you? We describe the medical aesthetic procedures you are curious about and heard from the environment one by one.

Editor’s Note: If you intend to have medical aesthetic applications, you should definitely see a specialist and do it under the supervision of a dermatologist. Since these medical applications are extremely important, you should research them thoroughly and avoid applications that may harm your skin.

Hyaluronic acid filler

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular among medical aesthetic procedures to make the skin look young and tight! With the widespread use of hyaluronic acid filler, different effects and properties emerge. When the hyaluronic acid filler is applied to the right areas of the face, it creates a lifting effect, which means lifting the face upwards and stretching. Thanks to the Hyaluronic acid filling applied to the area between the cheekbone and the hair, the cheeks may appear smaller, just like a thread face lift effect.

Another purpose of hyaluronic acid filling to the face is to fill and complete the gaps. With the advancement of age, the loss of elasticity of the skin and the effect of gravity, facial fullness can be lost. Generally, these cavities are seen in the nose, cheeks and chin. With hyaluronic acid filling, you can fill the gaps in this area and make your face look fuller. Depending on the quality of the hyaluronic acid filling, its permanence varies between 6 months and two years. Since the prices of hyaluronic acid fillers are a bit high, you should think twice before having medical aesthetics.

Jawline filler

If you are following beauty trends, you sure have heard of Jawline filling. The hyaluronic acid filling applied to the chin line gives a sharper and more prominent air to the chin. Jawline filling also conceals the appearance of the jowl and helps to elongate the jaw tip if requested.

Especially those who have very round and small face lines prefer Jawline aesthetics. Thus, the facial features become clearer and appear more bony. You can reach a slightly masculine, sharp and prominent face line with jawline filling, which has been popular in recent years.

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Fillers containing hyaluronic acid make your skin look fuller and firmer. Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our skin, decreases as we age, and our skin can regain its old firmness as the rate of hyaluronic acid increases thanks to filling applications. But the only way to do this is not medical aesthetic applications. If you want to get hyaluronic acid support for your skin, you can get it with moisturizing creams.

The day cream in the L’Oréal Paris Hyaluron Expert range has two types of hyaluronic acid. Thus, it deeply moisturizes your skin and makes it look fuller. With regular use, you will notice that your skin looks fuller and younger than before. As you can see, the content of hyaluronic acid is not only in medical aesthetic applications, but also in the content of the best moisturizers.

Lip strap

The rising star of Hollywood aesthetic trends, lip strap! Lip lift with thread aims to make the lips look fuller without any filling application. In lip strap aesthetics, firstly the love spring area of ​​the lips is highlighted, then the lips are lifted up with ropes placed in the lips with local anesthesia.

It is very important to create lip looks that are compatible with the face in lip strap aesthetics. Lips that are lifted according to the contours of the face look more natural and attractive. However, some aesthetic mistakes can cause fake and exaggerated lip looks on the lips. The permanence of the thread lip strap can last up to 12 months. Self-melting surgical threads are naturally removed from the body. If you want, you can have the lip strap rebuilt after a year.

Gold needle application

One of the shortest ways to perfect skin is the application of gold needles. If you experience problems such as sun spots, fine wrinkles and dullness, you can apply Scarlet S to your skin. Scarlet S needle radiofrequency application leaves a controlled damage under the skin. Since the golden needle tips in the application head can give energy to the depth we want in our skin, it can provide optimum rejuvenation in the skin.

In the gold needle method, it is aimed to revive the skin’s own cell repair and treatment mechanism by creating an effect as if our skin is injured. Collagen and hyaluronic acid production increases under the skin and tightening is observed. Skin quality continues to improve for two to four months after the gold needle application. After the 4th month, collagen production in the skin decreases to its previous levels.

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You now know how important hyaluronic acid is for skin youth. You can postpone the early aging marks on your skin by using products containing hyaluronic acid in daily care creams.

Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe Gel moisturizes your skin deeply and makes it look smooth thanks to hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract in its formula. Aloe Gel, which has a moisturizing effect for up to 48 hours, refreshes your skin, so you look dynamic and energetic all day long. In order to eliminate the need for medical aesthetic applications, you should take care of your skin from the age of 20 and start hyaluronic acid supplementation.