Retention of hair under the skin “goose skin” .. What is the solution?!

If your skin has prominent pores, and you suffer from rough skin, with hair balls underneath, then this is a disease that needs special treatment and care.


This disease is called goose skin disease, and it is a common genetic disease characterized by the appearance of rough red or gray granules on some areas of the skin, such as the upper arms, back, thighs and legs, which makes the skin in these areas rough and becomes goose-like after removing Feathers, and it is difficult to remove hair from under the skin, because of its retention under the pores of the skin.




What is the reason for the retention of hair under the skin?


Vitamin A deficiency, caused by emotion, cold or fear, leads to the retention of hair under the skin, and experts believe that the nature of a person’s work affects the strength of the disease, working under great pressure makes the onset of the disease easier, and the disease usually appears in childhood and increases in severity during Adolescence period, and then reaches improvement with age, and it is a common disease among women.




What is the treatment for this condition?


These cases are treated with ointments containing salicylic acid, which helps dissolve corneal clusters, and gives smoothness to the skin, and creams containing 10% urea can also be used. Retin-A ointment can also be used.


This disease cannot be completely prevented or cured, but some medications help reduce its severity, especially its apparent form, especially the use of skin exfoliators, moisturizing and softening creams on an ongoing basis, but it is necessary to consult a doctor, before using any of them.




And you should not leave the daily treatment, and you should shower or wash your hands and legs with warm water before using creams.


Here, it is desirable to stay away from methods of hair removal with blades and razors, and the use of sweet and wax, because the use of blades leads to an increase in the retention of hair under the skin.


Skin care experts also recommend drinking plenty of water, and not exposure to direct sunlight, that is, treating the skin affected by this disease in particular and taking great care.


The treatment phase that the patient follows may take an improvement in the condition of the skin between 4-6 months, depending on the condition of the skin and the degree of hair retention, but the treatment should not be left so that the skin does not return to its previous state.

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