Natural ways to remove skin pigmentation and dark spots

Skin pigmentation is divided into two types: hypopigmentation (hypopigmentaion) and hyperpigmentation (hyperpigmentation). Hypopigmentation is the lack of normal skin pigmentation, a skin condition in which some areas are lighter than the normal skin color. As for hyperpigmentation, it is characterized by the presence of some places darker than the rest of the skin due to the increased production of melanin pigment. The causes of skin pigmentation may vary between people according to gender, age and genetics.




Among the main causes of skin pigmentation are excessive exposure to sunlight, genetic factors, hormonal changes during pregnancy or as a result of birth control pills, menopause, skin damage as a result of surgery, sagging, or frequent use of hair dyes.




Some people may also suffer from dark spots caused by skin infections, and you may always notice some disappearance of acne. The face may be the most susceptible to skin pigmentation as a result of its exposure to external factors that cause skin damage, but skin pigmentation may appear on the rest of the body as well.




Natural mixtures are among the best effective treatments that help remove dark spots and skin pigmentation. Despite the availability of many medical treatments such as laser and chemical peels, and care products such as creams and lotions that aim to lighten the skin color and remove spots, natural mixtures are one of the most effective ways to remove dark spots on the skin in a safe, inexpensive way and with simple ingredients.




Here are some of the sure natural mixtures to remove skin pigmentation effectively.1- Milk and honey mixture




One of the easiest mixtures that can be prepared to remove skin pigmentation is a mixture of milk and honey. Milk contains lactic acid, which helps exfoliate the skin to get rid of dark spots within a short period. It also helps moisturize and soften the skin for a beautiful and fresh complexion.




2- vegetable juices


Natural vegetable juices such as tomato juice, cucumber or potato can be used on the skin to lighten dark spots. It is well suited for all skin types and helps soothe and restore skin tone.




3- Lemon and honey


Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of natural honey and use it on the dark areas of the skin. Lemon contains vitamin C, which is known for its effective skin lightening capabilities.




4- Vitamin E




Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that the skin needs, and its sources should be consumed during the diet. Besides, vitamin E oil can be used to massage the dark places on the skin to get the best results.




5- Mask oats with milk


Mix oatmeal with an appropriate amount of milk and a teaspoon of honey to get a homogeneous mixture. Use on dark areas of the skin for 15 minutes, then rinse well. With regular use, you will notice the disappearance of dark spots on your skin.




6- orange peels


Mix dried orange peel powder with cold milk and honey and apply it to the dark areas of the skin for half an hour before rinsing well.




7- Mint leaves




Mix chopped mint leaves with a little milk and apply it to the dark areas of the skin. This helps calm the skin and remove pigmentation.




One of the best ways to help avoid skin pigmentation and dark spots is by using sunscreen before going outside. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause skin damage and the appearance of dark spots.

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