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Massage the skin with ice.. its method and benefits

Facial massage is one of the simple and important ways to care for the skin, as it helps rid the pores of the fat and dirt deposited in them, that is, it is like cleaning the skin, and it also stimulates blood circulation, which improves the color of the skin and gives it glasses and vitality, so facial massage with ice is one of the effective massage methods, In it, ice cubes are massaged, as they have a wonderful effect on the skin of the face.




Massage method:


Wipe your face and neck with ice cubes, and pass them on your skin in a circular motion, being careful not to press too hard on them, so as not to cause damage to the capillaries in the skin.


Here are the benefits of using ice cubes in a massage:

Soothe the face after exposure to the sun


Ice calms the skin after exposure to the sun to prevent its darkening and calm inflammation, and ice cubes can be used to treat sunburn, by placing several cubes inside a soft cloth, and pressing it on the face to calm and moisturize it.


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makeup fixer


Massage your skin with an ice cube for two minutes before applying makeup, as it significantly tightens the skin and reduces the expansion of pores, which is happy for the makeup to stay on for a longer period, and it also reduces oily secretions for people with oily skin, in addition to that the coldness of the skin helps absorb the foundation cream on the face. towards better.


Prevention of pills


Ice works to close the pores, which prevents the build-up of acne-causing bacteria, so it is recommended to massage the skin with an ice cube for 10 minutes a day, to close the pores and get rid of skin infections associated with acne.


Soothe puffy eyes and dark circles


Get rid of eye puffiness and dark circles around the eye, especially in the morning, by using ice after wrapping it in a soft, clean cloth, and passing it around the eye for a minute. You can also make ice cubes of rose water, and use it to treat dark circles and puffiness under the eye.


Stimulate blood circulation


Ice greatly stimulates blood circulation in the face, which gives it glow and vitality, and works to resist wrinkles and signs of aging, so make an ice massage a daily routine for several minutes to stimulate blood circulation.


Finally, it is not recommended to use ice directly on the skin, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth, because it may cause burns to the skin if applied directly to it.

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