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Restore flexibility and cohesion to the flabby chest


 As you age, the breasts appear saggy, especially during the period between the thirties and forties.

Because the breast is characterized by the presence of tissues of elastic rubbery fibers through which the breast is pushed down and up during movement, but during this stage of life these tissues lose part of their property (tighten and do not As a result, sagging occurs, and sagging also occurs due to the exposure of a woman’s body to frequent hormonal changes during pregnancy or at menopause.

Resisting sagging

There are some simple means by which you can restore flexibility and cohesion to sagging breasts, and among these means doing some exercises, which can strengthen the pectoral muscles on which the breast rests. “The breast does not contain muscles.” Working on strengthening these muscles will strengthen the tightening and prominence of the breast And the degree of cohesion, and can increase its size as well.



Exercises to strengthen the chest muscles and get rid of sagging chest and groin

Exercises to strengthen the chest muscles
 – Hold in each hand an iron weight or “dumbbells” so that the weight is suitable for your muscular abilities, and starting from the middle, straighten the arms back and gradually increase the distance. (This exercise is repeated daily as many times as possible, and works at a rate of five times a week).
Hold the dumbbells in your hands and extend them on the floor with the fingers pointing upwards, then let your elbows be soft and raise the dumbbells for a count to three so that you can touch them directly above the center of your chest, lower the dumbbells for a count of four, keep your wrists straight, exhale while lifting the weights Inhale as you lower them (repeat this movement).

– Hold a ball with your hands so that you rest on the front of the chest, then press it firmly with both hands.. Repeat this pressure several times. (Repeat this exercise daily as many times as possible for at least a month).

– Lie on your back with your knees bent (raised) and your feet flat on the floor, relax the lower part of your back on the floor, raise your pelvis and pull your stomach inward. 

If you are breastfeeding, vigorous exercise can affect the taste of breast milk, so don’t strain your arms too much.

Other ways to combat sagging
– A product derived from vitamin (A) is used to treat tightening lines resulting from pregnancy, and it is believed that it helps to support and strengthen the breast tissue, making it more firm.
There is a hormonal treatment (HRT) given to women after menopause, which compensates them for the interruption of estrogen and progesterone production from the ovaries. It helps protect breast tissue from atrophy and weakness, but it has side effects.
Finally, attention must be paid to good nutrition, especially that which is involved in the formation of the elastic tissue network in the skin, which is vitamin C, vitamin B6 and zinc. 

Restore elasticity and firmness to sagging breasts

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