How to treat menstrual pain away from medications

How to treat menstrual pain away from medication 

Women usually resort to taking pain relievers in order to get rid of the pain

associated with the menstrual cycle.

 Some may also resort to herbal remedies .

But the research published by the Medical Journal of Nursing shows that it is possible to get rid

of monthly abdominal pain, which is very severe for some women, by

simple touches to a specific point located above the ankle bone of the foot .

This point is known in Chinese medicine as Sanyinjiao Point

. Professor Zhang Shen from Kaohsiung Medical University in

Taiwan recommends pressing this point for 6 seconds, then leaving it for two seconds and continuing

in this case for 5 minutes, then repeating the same process with the ankle joint of the other leg.

That the whole process lasts 20 minutes .

This process, which is a type of Chinese acupressure, helps the

flow of energy and blood to the uterus, thus reducing painful contractions. has

The experiment was conducted on 35 female students from the aforementioned university..With

sincere greetings and wishes to all for continued health and wellness.. 

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