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Daily body care schedule

This is a schedule for the care of the face, neck and body on the day of the holiday and all other days of the week. As for its components, they are all natural materials that are abundant in your kitchen. We start with the schedule:



Day off:

Soak them in lukewarm water containing either (fruits or juice) or (herbs and mixtures). (natural) you continue it until you feel that your feet are comfortable, then you wash them with water, then you prepare the room or the tool to remove the dead skin and start rubbing until you feel their softness…
Mask to maintain the grace of the feet:
sugar + Vaseline, mix them, then put them on your feet, rub for a certain period, then wash and dry them With a special towel, you put paint or oil on it, then put on socks…


The same steps, of course, that you followed with the feet, omitting the step of removing dead skin and socks…
To whiten them: You
use the rest of the coffee, rubbing your hands with it well and then washing them… It is desirable to cut the toenails of the feet and hands (on Friday)

The berry mask You take a strawberry and You kick it, then put it on your face for a certain period, then wash your face with lukewarm water, then put rose water…

charcoal + honey, mix them well, then start rubbing your teeth softly, of course, preferably brushing, then wash your teeth with toothpaste…

Bathing day:
For the whole body:
rose water + powdered milk + sugar + lemon. This is for the whiteness of the skin. Mix all the ingredients and rub them on your body, especially the dark areas, before taking a shower…

For the face:
lemon or olive oil + sugar to exfoliate and whiten the face. Mix them well, then start rubbing your face for five minutes, then wash your face at shower time and put rose water…

Before bed:
For the face:
Put milk with a cotton ball, wipe your face and neck, then sleep.
For the eyes:
Apply chamomile compresses to reduce dark circles around the eyes, and this is before bedtime…

Your lips:
Put your favorite cocoa, which is available at the pharmacy, before going to sleep. To avoid chapped lips

Rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove traces of milk that you put at night, then put rose water…
Try every day to pass a piece of ice on your face because it stimulates blood circulation…
Lemon: Also useful as it is one of the strongest enemies of skin defects and is useful for whitening it.. My sister ,

There is no harm in using other mixtures to avoid the skin problems that you sometimes face, or you find that girls praise her when she is tried, and on condition that you be careful about the type of skin used for her… and do not use several mixtures in one day.

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