Remove wrinkles and enjoy youthful skin

Madam, you do not need Botox to remove wrinkles from today, leave medical solutions and go to nature to get rid of your skin problems, so today we will offer you a nice mask that will help you get rid of those annoying lines.

Catcher Components:


Two tablespoons of collagen powder

medium sized cucumber


How to prepare and use:


1- Peel the cucumber and keep the peels aside.


2- Cut the cucumber and put it in the blender. Then filter the mixture until you get cucumber juice.


3- Take a spoonful of cucumber juice and put it in the small blender.





4- Sprinkle collagen powder on the juice and mix it well until you get a mask.


5- Put the mask on your skin and give it a gentle massage.


6- Put cucumber peels on your eyes and relax to relax your skin and let the mask take effect for 20 minutes.


7- Remove the mask using a towel and water, then put cold water on your skin to catch your skin.

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