Hand Care Masks

Madam, did your continuous work make you forget to take care of your hands? Are your hands darker than the rest of your body? Madam, the most part you use is your hands, so they are affected by the weather, detergents, the sun and others.

Therefore, your hands require great care, so use these masks for superior softness, softness and pure whiteness.


1- Olive oil with sugar mask:




Mix 1/3 cup of olive oil with 2/3 cup of coarse sugar and put drops of lemon juice and mix well and massage your hands and skin with this mixture that softens and opens your skin.

Leave the mask for 10-50 minutes, then wash it off with water, then apply the moisturizing cream after that.


2- Salt and rose mask:

Take half a cup of coarse salt and add a few drops of olive oil, sesame oil, or sweet almond oil, then add a few drops of rose oil.

Mix the ingredients well, massage your hands with it, then wash your hands with warm water, then apply your moisturizing cream.


3- Brown sugar:

Brown sugar is one of the best materials for sanding your hands and making them white.

Mix half a cup of brown sugar with two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, then add two tablespoons of lavender oil.

Rub your hands with this mixture until you remove all pigmentation and yellowing, and do not forget to massage your nails as well.

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