Get long eyelashes without mascara

Get long eyelashes without mascara

Did you know, madam, that the reason for short and light eyelashes is your diet or excessive use of makeup? Today we will present to you natural solutions to lengthen eyelashes in a remarkable way without using makeup.

1- First method:

Mix equal amounts of castor oil with camphor oil and put it in an old mascara box after washing it well.

Remove all traces of makeup from your eyes and apply oils to your eyelashes and leave them on overnight.




*If you can’t find camphor oil, use castor oil alone.


2- The second method:

Put in a frying pan a cup of boiling hot water with two tablespoons of lanolin (you can find it in the pharmacy) and leave it until it boils, then add one and a half tablespoons of sweet almond oil and mix well.

Reduce the temperature, then add a spoonful of lecithin (you can find it in the pharmacy) and mix well.

Leave it to cool for two minutes, then add rose water to taste and apply the mixture on your eyelashes.


3- The third method:

Apply apple cider vinegar to your eyelashes twice daily.

Your eyelashes will look thicker, longer and more attractive.

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