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Recipes to get rid of bad breath

Recipes to get rid of bad breath


Bad breath causes various social problems, including loss of self-confidence and problems in the marital relationship, among others. If you want to eliminate mouth odor, the following guide is prepared for you.


Rose water and baking soda


Baking soda is one of the natural antiseptics for the mouth and teeth, which helps eliminate bacteria and germs that grow in the mouth and cause unpleasant odor, and also helps treat infections, gum disease and bleeding teeth, and rose water helps to refresh the mouth and give it Beautiful aromatic scent.


A cup of rose water is placed on the fire, a tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of ground cloves are added to it, and the mixture is left on the fire until it reaches the boiling point, then it is lowered from the fire and left until it cools, then rinsed with it every day When you wake up, this method will help eliminate bad breath.




Green mint is a good-smelling herbal plant, which gives the mouth a refreshing and pleasant smell, and contains volatile oils that help cleanse the mouth, and get rid of germs and bacteria.


Some sticks of green mint are boiled in water, then left to cool, and then rinsed with it every day when you wake up.


lemon and salt


Lemon is one of the most powerful natural antiseptics. The acidic compounds in lemon help eliminate bacteria and germs. They also help cleanse the mouth and tongue, strengthen gum tissues and cells, and prevent lemon from accumulating tartar on the teeth and also helps eliminate cavities. Teeth, and all these things help to remove bad smell from the mouth. And salt helps prevent dryness of the mouth and cleanse the gums.


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A spoon of salt is dissolved in a glass of water and the juice of half a lemon is added to them, and the mixture is rinsed with the mixture upon waking every day.


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Bad breath may be a sign of some diseases in the body, this smell may occur as a result of gum disease, which occurs due to the accumulation of tartar on the teeth and thus be bacteria that secrete toxins and these toxins lead to the exit of the bad smell from the mouth, and this smell may also come out Due to oral thrush or tooth decay, and also this smell may occur as a result of dry mouth disease or due to taking some medications, and in some cases bad breath may occur as a result of liver and kidney diseases



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