Benefits of olive oil soap for hair

Benefits of olive oil soap for hair


Hair is one of the symbols of beauty for women, when it is soft and its appearance is beautiful, it adds beauty to women, and hair needs care so that it does not weaken, does not split or fall out. Baldness, and one of the methods of continuous care is washing the hair with soap.


Increasing the strength of hair, as it works to nourish its roots in the scalp. Hair follicles, like the rest of the cells in the body, need nutrients in order to grow normally, including vitamin E, vitamin A and antioxidants, and this reduces its loss.Moisturizing the scalp and treating various problems that it may suffer from as a result of its dryness, as well as olive oil soap treats hair bombing and damage to its ends.Ease of styling hair, preventing it from tangling and leaving it soft.Treating the problem of dandruff that causes distress and embarrassment for the person, because it may be visible in the head and may fall on the shoulders, and may cause itching in the head, and this crust may lead to weak hair and hair loss.Increase hair luster and make it more attractive and beautiful.Delaying the appearance of gray hair, and reducing it clearly.


How to use olive oil soap Olive oil soap  is used directly on the hair after wetting it with water, and it can be rubbed a little on the hands to make sure that the foam appears, then the scalp is massaged with it well, and the hair is rinsed with lukewarm water and dried



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