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What Are the Benefits of Horsetail Grass?

Horsetail grass, in other words Horsetail grass, is one of the most popular medicinal herbs of recent times. We have brought together the benefits of horsetail grass, which is very easy to grow. After the widespread use of horsetail tea benefits, it is becoming more and more popular. So what is horsetail grass and what does it do?


What is Horsetail grass?


Horsetail Grass (Forty-Kilt Grass) is a very medicinal plant that grows especially in wetlands. Those who know horsetail grass, which is also grown in our country, say that it is very beneficial. Horsetail, which has many different varieties in the world, has 7 different species in Turkey. These different types are all very useful and medicinal plants!
Horsetail grass is a small herb. It has hard and pointed leaves that resemble rosemary plant. Horsetail grass impresses those who see it with its distinctive green tone and large leaves. This plant, which appears in May and June, is flowerless and generally likes water edges.

What does horsetail grass do?

The chemicals and antioxidants in horsetail grass help strengthen the immune system.


It helps healthy bone tissue and can strengthen your body.


Horsetail is also used to strengthen hair and nails. Selenium in the content of this herb can help hair grow and make hair appear brighter.


The chemicals in horsetail herb are thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These antioxidants have a diuretic effect.


The silicon in the horsetail herb can help maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis.


Since it has a cell regenerative effect, it also has an effect on oral wounds.


Those who love natural moisturizers crush horsetail herb into an ointment. It is said that horsetail cream heals wounds.


Kırkkilit tea is also used as edema tea, as it helps to remove excess water from the body. Those who want to slim down and cannot get rid of the edema in their body can try this healing tea.


Horsetail tea is recommended for those who have sleep problems. This tea, which relaxes the body, helps a longer and quality sleep.


How to consume horsetail grass (Fortykilit grass)?


Horsetail herb is usually consumed as a tea. In May and June, you can cut the horsetail from the parts close to the ground with the help of scissors. Let these bunches you cut dry in a shaded area. After making sure that the horsetail grass is dry, you can cut it into small pieces and store it in a jar.
It will be enough to use two branches or two teaspoons of herbs to prepare horsetail grass (Kkkilit grass) tea. You can consume it daily by brewing herbal tea in a glass of hot water. If you wish, you can also drink horsetail herb cold tea by preparing your tea a day in advance and putting it in the refrigerator.
Editor’s suggestion: If you are going to use thyme for nail and hair care, we recommend that you apply warm tea water directly to your hair lengths and nails. Excessively hot tea can dry out your skin.
How to prepare horsetail cream: Crush horsetail herb into a cream and add olive or coconut oil to thicken it. You can use this ointment for your skin wounds.

What are the harms of horsetail grass?


Like every natural ingredient, horsetail has its harms and risks. Horsetail tea is not recommended for those with kidney failure and kidney-related problems.
If you have a low potassium level in your body, use blood thinners or have a chronic illness, you should not drink horsetail tea without consulting your doctor. Those who have undergone a special treatment process should consult their doctor before using natural and medicinal herbs.
If you observe an allergic reaction on your skin after drinking horsetail tea, if you experience problems such as itching, nausea or skin rash, you should stop the tea and talk to your doctor.

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