Peeling the body

The process of completely removing hair from the body is a difficult and painful issue, so bleaching is the best solution, as it has other benefits in terms of whitening the body. Unifying the skin tone is something we recommend to the bride, but the skin of the body is thin and sensitive and is affected by the slightest external influence, and because many people resort to To bleach body hair in a salon Cosmetic treatment, or at home Using chemical preparations that may cause allergic reactions, we provide prescriptions.



Body bleaching with natural ingredients to bleach body hair without harm:



Scrubbing the body with tomatoes: Cut the tomatoes into halves, and rub each half of your body that you want to peel for 10 minutes. Wash the area with cold water, and repeat the process several times if necessary until you get the desired result.


Exfoliating the body with milk and papaya: Mix a little cold milk with mashed papaya fruit and apply the resulting paste to the body. Apply and make circular movements for 10 minutes, then leave the mixture on your skin for an additional 5 minutes. Finally, rinse the mixture with water and repeat daily. To obtain the best results.


Exfoliating the body with lemon: Mix a cup of lemon juice with a cup of natural bee honey, apply the mixture to your body, then leave it. For 20 minutes, wash your body well with lukewarm water after that. Repeat applying this mixture until you get the desired result.



There are a group of natural mixtures for bleaching the body. Use one of them if you do not want to use chemical bleaches.

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