Oily skin

Oily skin during youth suffers from inflamed pimples and blackheads, especially if it is not taken care of regularly.


It is a disadvantage of oily skin, although it fights premature aging thanks to the oils secreted by these anti-wrinkle glands. Hence, I decided to provide some necessary instructions to obtain problem-free skin through these steps:


*Go to a beautician and undergo steam cleaning. This method helps to purify the pores from deep within.


*Removing pimples and fats accumulated inside the skin. This method can be repeated once a year or more depending on the amount of pimples and oily secretions.


*Continue daily cleansing in the morning and evening with a gel designed for oily skin, as it absorbs the oils that the skin secretes daily so that they do not accumulate and multiply.


*Cleanse the skin in a circular manner for a period ranging from 1 to 3 minutes, then wash the face with lukewarm water. After cleaning, apply the appropriate cream directly to the skin.


*Make sure to choose a sunscreen that is compatible with your skin and free of harmful oils for oily skin.


*Replace Fond de Teint foundation with an oil-free foundation since it does not harm the skin. You can also replace it with Poudre Foundation, which is mixed with water.


*Use peeling and masks once a week to add freshness and radiance to the skin. Oily skin types


Oily skin is divided into three types:


_Skin that suffers from pimples or inflammation. This condition is very delicate and requires a visit to a dermatologist, not a beautician.


_Skin that suffers from blackheads and oily pockets that needs to be cleaned with steam.


_Oily, shiny skin that secretes irritating oils. This type requires a daily cleanser with which to wash the face 3 times a day, especially in the summer. Oily skin requires great care from women, and at the same time it is healthy because it prevents the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its constant hydration.

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