Passionflower with a crunchy flavor


Let’s get to know passion fruit (aka passion fruit), which we come across recently in the salad menus of restaurants, sometimes in ice cream or drinks.

● Also known as “passion fruit”.

● Its outer shell is hard and purple in color, and it consists of a jelly-like structure with a crispy core.

● It has calming and relaxing properties.

● Has a sour taste.

● All of its seeds can be eaten as raw fruit.

● Its homeland is America.

● Fruit contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, calcium, phosphorus and protein.

● It is used as a garnish, desserts, ice cream, cocktails, salads and fruit juices due to its pleasant smell.

Passion fruit is an exotic plant with seeds in the sky and the upper part. Its origin is South Africa. However, there are more celestial types and shades of yellow. These are New Zealand and Hawaiian types. Although they have roughly the same flavor, the sky is more juicy and acidic.

This fruit should be stored in 85-90 percent humid places. Since it will spoil in a short time, it is recommended to consume it as early as possible.

Sure can be considered a sedative. Although it has no side effects, it is not recommended to consume more than 2.

The peel should be consumed. Their seeds are also rich in potassium, calcium, many vitamins and minerals.

It meets your body’s iron requirement to a great extent. It is also very abundant in fiber care

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