Oil rinsing, all the health and therapeutic benefits of vegetable oils

It has been scientifically proven that rinsing with natural vegetable oils as an ancient traditional remedy in China and Asia has great health benefits.

Oil rinsing is a folk remedy for oral and dental health, which comes within the ancient Asian system (Ayurveda), but it is very useful in treating many diseases such as infections, stomach ulcers, and blood diseases, purifying the liver from toxins, eliminating bacteria and other benefits that we will mention later.

It is a simple procedure that can be done without assistance, as soon as you wake up from sleep and (on an empty stomach) and before eating or drinking anything.

It is taken by taking a tablespoon of sesame oil or any other natural vegetable oil of your personal choice and holding it for a quarter of an hour to twenty minutes until it becomes foamy and milky in color.

Then spit and rinse the mouth with warm water and use the toothbrush alone without toothpaste, and remember well to swallow completely any amount of oil.

The turning of the oil into a foamy state and a milky color means that it contains harmful bacteria and toxins. Therefore, warn us not to swallow at all, and you can repeat three times a day, but it is recommended that the stomach be empty to get the best results.

Besides sesame oil, which is widely used in Asia, you can try any other type of oil such as coconut oil or sunflower oil, and some prefer using olive oil, and in the end, it is up to you.

Benefits of rinsing with vegetable oils

Health experts agree on several benefits of rinsing the mouth with natural vegetable oils, the most important of which are:

Treating asthma, allergies, bronchitis, strengthening the lungs, and improving the breathing process.

Treating stomach ulcers and blood diseases, purifying the liver from toxins, and improving its functions.

Strengthening natural immunity, treating inflammation and bacterial gum pockets, tooth decay, and arthritis.

Strengthening the heart muscle and regulating the work of the kidneys.

When rinsing regularly with natural oils and in the right way, helps a lot in ridding the body of toxins accumulated in cells and even bones, which helps restore normal vitality and activity.

Improving sleep quality and reducing menstrual pain

Improving skin health and preventing allergies.

Eliminate bad breath, bleeding gums, and other oral problems

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