Natural recipes to get rid of sagging arms


Many women complain of a certain type of fat known as cellulite, and in fact the arms are no different from the abdomen and buttocks in terms of fat accumulation, as they are prone to sagging like other areas of the body as well due to fluctuations in weight.

Natural recipes to get rid of sagging arms

Cellulite occurs when fat can make its way through tiny holes in the connective tissue, which is the thick network of interlocking fibers just under the skin. On the other hand, weak and unhealthy connective tissue stretches more easily, allowing small pockets of fat to pass through, and can weaken Many connective tissue factors, paving the way for cellulite.

In order to avoid the flabbiness that occurs to the arms, it is necessary to exercise exercises that focus on these two areas, as they are the best and most powerful way according to the advice of doctors and experts, especially exercises that rely on weightlifting, in addition to some of the natural recipes that we present to you today, which speed up the result of sports It tightens the skin and improves its appearance. Get to know her with us, according to the “Beauty” website.

Lemon and aloe vera recipe:
– Aloe vera gel is known for its ability to tighten and moisturize the skin, so its properties can be used to tighten the skin of the arms. As for lemon, rich in vitamin C, it stimulates collagen production, so the skin looks fresh and tight.

Ingredients: a
spoonful of aloe vera gel.
A spoonful of lemon juice.
Five drops of peppermint oil.

Method of preparation and use:
Mix the ingredients, then apply to the arm area with a massage for two minutes. The arm is wrapped in the “Cling Film” food-preserving nylon with pressure on it and left for an hour, and later rinses the arm, and you will notice the difference from the first time.

Egg whites:
– Eggs are a source of protein, stimulate the production of collagen, and are used to tighten the skin and fight sagging and wrinkles, so it can be used to treat the problem of sagging arms.

Two egg whites
How to prepare and use:
Mix them well and distribute it on the target area, let it dry completely and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

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