This is how you get thick, noticeable lips.. with makeup



To get thick lips full of excitement, the beauty portal “Hot.D” recommends applying a glossy lightening product in the “love arc”, that is, the cavity in the upper lips, where the brightening lightening product reflects the light falling on the lips, making them appear larger; Being in the spotlight.


As for how to apply this trick, the German portal explained that a pin-sized amount of a brightening product is placed on the edge of the lips and distributed towards the middle, according to the “24” website.

“Hot.D” added that a light-skinned woman would be suited with a silver-tipped lightening product, while a dark-skinned woman would be suited with a golden-brown lightening product.

To emphasize femininity, a small amount of brightening product is placed on the contours of the arc of love, and distributed with fingertips towards the sides.


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