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Natural moisturizer reduces the appearance of stretch marks

A lot of  changes  happen to a woman’s  body  during  pregnancy and with age. Sometimes you  gain or  lose weight quickly,  which leads to  the appearance of  skin cracks  in many  areas of the  body,  such as the buttocks,  abdomen and chest.
Certainly, prevention is  better than  cure in such cases. It is  better to moisturize the  entire  body  using  rich  creams and oils to  support  the elasticity of the  skin,  because  there is no radical  solution to rid you of the  signs of cracks completely,  so that the  skin returns to the  way it  was  before.
But with the  frequent use of  some  natural oils,  you can  reduce its  appearance  and reduce stretching.
Choose oils  rich in  essential fatty acids  such as coconut and olive oil, as they  support  cell health,  prevent inflammation, and  promote micro-circulation.
As for almond oil,  it is  one of the richest  sources of  vitamin E with many proteins and minerals that moisturize the  skin from the depths and rid it of toxins.
You can use almond or coconut oil after bathing to  massage the  skin, focusing  on the  areas  affected by cracks. As for olive oil,  it is  best  to use it as a moisturizing  treatment  before or  during the  shower  because of its  strong smell. 
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