3 mistakes that irritate acne-prone skin
Acne is  difficult to  live with,  as it ruins  the appearance and  causes embarrassment  for many women. If you  suffer from this problem, you  should  avoid  some  actions that  irritate the  skin and  cause  more  pimples to appear.
1- Use of harsh exfoliating  products
There  is no doubt that exfoliating the  skin is an  important step in  maintaining the  clarity and freshness of the  skin,  but rubbing it  hard and  using  products that  contain harsh  chemicals will  lead to  skin irritation,  inflammation and  increased redness.
2- Do  not use moisturizing cream
Contrary to beliefs, oily  skin  needs a moisturizing cream, as exposing it to dryness encourages it  to produce  more oils to  compensate for the moisture  on the  surface of the  skin. Apply a  generous  amount of oil- free moisturizing cream morning and evening.
3- Squeeze the  pills  with your  fingers
You can press the  pimples to extract fluid from  inside and  help them dry,  but  don’t use your  fingers to do this, as  bacteria and  dirt can  spread to  other  areas of the face. It  is recommended  to use  clean tissues or sterile  tools for this process.