Natural mixtures to care for the sensitive area

It is necessary to take care of personal hygiene and get rid of sweat by taking a shower, and wearing cotton clothes, especially underwear that touches the intimate area, as clothes made of synthetic fibers cause an unpleasant odor and severe skin sensitivity. We chose a simple way for you to perfume the area and feel clean and refreshed. >

First: a mixture to perfume the sensitive area
>Mix ingredients>


Coarse salt
>Essential oil.>

> Place two handfuls of coarse salt (about a medium cup) in the bathtub, and after sitting in it for a period of no less than
> About 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour, take a little essential oil and wipe the area well and dilute it with water so that it does not
>Strengthen your concentration and finish your shower.>
>Repeat the process once or twice a week and you will notice the difference in the smell.>
> If you suffer from infections, the best essential oil is chamomile or lavender. If there is an unpleasant smell, we advise you >
>Visit the gynecologist.>

> > A mixture to whiten and lighten the sensitive area:>
>This mixture depends on natural materials only and its results are wonderful, try it and tell us the results.>

> Vaseline spoon >
>a spoonful of rose oil>
>a spoonful of rose water>

> Mix the ingredients in a small bowl over a water bath, until they flow and mix the ingredients, then pour them into a glass container and keep them in a container >
(The refrigerator) the refrigerator.>
>You can use it at night, making sure to wear cotton clothes, and wash the area in the morning with lukewarm water only and dry it.>
>You will notice the difference after a week of use. You will enjoy a lasting recovery.

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