Natural lemon deodorant to remove uncomfortable smell


Natural deodorant with lemon, in the summer months, the sweat and its pungent smell remain the most important thing for women during the day, especially if it is in public places or in the midst of a group of people, it may cause her some embarrassment, and many women do not prefer to resort to a chemical deodorant that contains Perfumed substances may interact with sweat and cause damage to the area, so we will talk about making a natural deodorant with lemon in freshness.

Natural deodorant with lemon

Before going into the details of how to use lemon as a natural deodorant, and make a natural deodorant with lemon, without the need for different types of deodorant, which may cause darkening or inflammation of the underarm area, especially if it is overused, we will talk about the benefits of lemon to remove perspiration, which are as follows: –

Lemon reduces the spread of unpleasant odors, so it does not make you feel embarrassed if you are in a crowd.

Lemon works to close open pores without harming the skin.

The body gets rid of toxins and bacteria that attach to it due to the presence of large amounts of sweat on it.

It reduces inflammation, ulcers and allergies that may affect the skin in the summer.

Gives your body a beautiful, sweet and impermeable scent

Leaves your skin silky smooth.

Recipes that include lemon and can get rid of the smell of sweat

Lemon natural deodorant with baby oil

the ingredients

Bring half a fresh lemon.

A small amount of baby oil.

How to use

Rub half of the lemon well under the armpits, until the whole area is covered with lemon juice.

Leave the juice on the area for between one to two minutes.

Apply the baby oil after a minute has passed under the armpits and leave it on your skin, you will get silk smooth skin and free from the smell of sweat.

Rose water, glycerine and lemon to get rid of the smell of sweat

the ingredients

One lemon.

A small cup of rose water.

Like a cup of water.

A small amount of glycerin.

How to use

Bring a small spray and put rose water in it.

Then put the lemon juice in the sprayer with rose water and mix them together, then add the water and the amount of glycerin and continue mixing.

Use the resulting mixture to spray sweaty areas as often as necessary, as this mixture will relieve excessive sweating and is a good alternative to the deodorant that is sold in beauty centers and pharmacies.

Lemon and baking soda “sodium bicarbonate”

You can make a natural deodorant with lemon and you get 100% positive results if you add baking soda to it, this mixture works to reduce the cases of excessive sweating or increase the amount of sweat in some bodies, and the lemon works to whiten the skin

the ingredients

One lemon.

A small cup of water.

Amount of baking soda.

How to use

Squeeze the lemon well until you get its pure juice.

Add water to the lemon juice, then add baking soda to them and mix them well, until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Apply the mixture on the area and rub it well and leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash the area afterwards with warm water and apply a moisturizer that suits you.

Lemon deodorant

There is another way to make a natural lemon deodorant by using only water without baking soda through: –

Squeeze one lemon and get its juice.

Add water to Alasri and mix together well.

Use a piece of cloth to soak it in the solution, then wipe over the sweaty areas.