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Natural almond exfoliator for your skin - Care Beauty
Almond peeling

Natural almond exfoliator for your skin

We offer you a natural way to and moisturize the skin, learn it with us and use it once a week, according to your “beauty” website.

Almond peeling


Two tablespoons of ground almonds.
Two tablespoons of milk.
Half a teaspoon of flour.
Half a teaspoon of honey.

Method of application
– Add milk to the ground almonds and stir well, then add flour and honey to them, and stir the mixture until a thick mixture is obtained.
– The mixture of honey and almonds is placed on the body, preferably after the bath, so that the body is wet, in order to facilitate the disposal of dead cells.
The body is rubbed with the mixture well in circular motions, from bottom to top, and then vice versa, in order to stimulate blood circulation in the area.
Wash the body with warm water, then dry it, and moisturize with the usual moisturizing cream.
Use this mixture once a week.