Moisturizing with paraffin

A great way to get smooth hands and feet with strong nails is to use moisturizing paraffin. Wetting is carried out by immersing the hands or feet, one by one, in a container suitable for liquid paraffin, at a temperature of approximately 37 ° C.


It is necessary to dip it in paraffin alternately, until a glove is formed. This is followed by a plastic cap and then a wet towel so that the heat is not lost.
Hands and feet should remain in this paraffin glove for at least 20 minutes. To remove it, let it dry on its own, the glove will come off easily and there is no need to wash your hands afterwards. The treatment ends with a moisturizer.
This technique can be performed as many times as necessary, and is used only in case of hand injury or acute inflammatory disease.
The operation can be performed in beauty salons, beauty clinics and specialized places