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Masks useful for the skin - Care Beauty

Masks useful for the skin


Skin is one of the most important beauty features for women and men, many people are impressed by the owners of clear and shiny skin, and are attracted to them to feel comfortable and happy when looking at their faces, and many girls are always looking for recipes that show their skin more beauty, glow and shine, especially that many cosmetics that give temporary beauty perish the skin and decrease its freshness and beauty.


Useful masks for the skin

In fact, it is never worthwhile to show how to make a skin mask suitable for everyone, some masks that benefit oily skin harm dry, and vice versa, and what suits mixed does not suit analogues and so on, so you must identify the skin type first, and then choose what suits it, as each skin type has different properties and shape

Useful masks for dry skin


The owners of dry skin always suffer from the roughness of the texture of their skin, as they suffer from peeling and dryness in winter, where the owners of dry skin must take great care of their skin, so as not to dissuade it peeling and the appearance of baldness and effort, The Daily Moisturizing and the action of the

Yogurt mask

Yogurt is one of the best masks for dry skin care, where it has important and effective properties in moisturizing the skin and gaining a soft texture and a fresh and beautiful shape, it also has excellent antioxidant properties, and works to smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of old age and reduce itching and dryness associated with exposure to the hot sun,


A glass of chilled yogurt.

A grain of cucumber.

Method of use 

Beat the yogurt (yogurt), cut the cucumber into thin slices of fish.

Spread the milk on the skin evenly and can be added on the hand and feet, put the cucumber slices on top of the yogurt, leave the mask for at least half an hour, then wipe with a thin cotton swab moistened with water, wash the face without chemicals.

Moisturize the skin after it with the usual creams and prefer to be made from natural preparations.

Olive oil mask

Olive oil is one of the most useful oils around the world, as it has so many healing properties, it is also included in many useful compounds, distinctive natural recipes, and here is the best mask for dry skin that results in minutes.


A quarter cup of olive oil

Suspended from coconut oil

A tablespoon of white honey

A tablespoon of sugar, preferably brown coarse

Method of preparation

Mix all ingredients together until fully mixed.

The mask is evenly distributed on the skin, can be added on the hands and feet, and allows it to be added to lighten sensitive areas, giving them shine and hydration.

Minutes later the mask is rubbed on the skin until a feeling of deep cleaning.

Wipe the face with a cotton swab moistened with water, m wash with lukewarm running water.

Moisturize the skin with natural creams, or with a teaspoon of olive oil.

Mask banana

Banana is known for its great benefits, as it contains many elements and vitamins that benefit the skin and body, and also has moisturizing and distinctive properties.


Grain of mashed banana

Spoon of white honey

Spoon of starch

Spoon of milk

Method of use 

Mix all the ingredients together

Distribute over the skin evenly and leave a full hour.

Wash the face thoroughly and moisturize with olive oil or a light cream on the skin from natural ingredients.

Apricot mask

Many are unaware of the benefits of apricot for the skin, but when knowing its benefits, owners of dry skin, it will become their first choice in the freshness of their skin as apricot acts as an antioxidant, maintains freshness and vitality, preserves skin moisture, works to earn the skin a youthful and taut appearance, and also acts as a natural long-lasting Botox.


Half a glass of mashed apricots in a food processor

A quarter cup of almond oil

A spoonful of lemon juice

Method of use 

Mix all the ingredients in the food processor.

Distribute to clean dry skin.

Leave on the face for at least half an hour.

Mask white honey and avocado

Honey is one of the most important nutrients, as mentioned in the Holy Quran, and is known for its therapeutic and healing properties, and is the leader of the most treatments and medicines, and its benefits include many body systems and skin, and the following is the mask of white honey useful for dry skin


Pure white honey

Avocado fruit

Method of preparation 

One of the easiest recipes is that they are two ingredients that are applied to the skin until the mask dries and absorbs.

After it dries rub the skin roundly from top to bottom and not vice versa.

Wash the skin with lukewarm water, moisturizing olive oil.

This Catcher is preferably used once a day.

Milk & aloe mask

It is considered one of the most important and best masks of all, the results of which are shown immediately after use because of the excellent properties of aloe vera to give the skin vitality, freshness and shine.


A tablespoon of milk.

 2 tablespoons of aloe extract.

A teaspoon of turmeric

A teaspoon of white honey.

A teaspoon of lemon.

Method of use 

Mix all the ingredients together.

Put in the radiator for half an hour.

They are added to the skin and are completely cooled.

Leave on the skin for at least half an hour.

Cleanses the skin with water and moisturizes directly, as lemon residues may damage dry skin.

Useful masks for oily skin

Owners of oily skin always suffer from excessive sweating, water is constantly coming out of their skin, and it is prone to inflammation and swelling in the summer, here are the best recipes for maintaining oily skin[5].

Cocoa and oatmeal mask


A full spoonful of cocoa

A tablespoon of crushed oats

A tablespoon of white honey

Method of use 

Mix all ingredients together and add one tablespoon of milk or yogurt to arrive.

Evenly distribute the mask over the skin and leave for at least half an hour.

Wash with running water well, preferably with cool water until the pores close, and the percentage of fat secretions decreases.

It is preferable not to moisturize after the mascots, in the case of oily skin.

Mask egg white and lemon

One of the beneficial masks for oily skin, eggs work to tighten the skin, clean it deeply with the help of lemon, eliminate the accumulated fat on the skin, help close the rub, and gain the skin a better shape[6].


Large egg whites

A tablespoon of lemon juice

The mixture can be rubbed with a spoonful of starch

Method of use 

Mix all the ingredients until you get a slightly cohesive consistency.

Evenly distribute the ingredients on the skin, and the mask is left for a full 20 minutes on the skin.

Rub the skin roundly, so that it cleans from accumulated fat, wash off with cold water.

Mango mask

This mask helps to get rid of grains, blackheads and marks from previous cereals, and also contains useful vitamins and minerals that provide the skin with vitality.


Half a mashed mango

A tablespoon of starch

Vitamin e capsule

Method of use 

Combine all ingredients together

Distribute over the skin evenly.

Leave term

 A minute, then wash with cold water.