Masks for girls to lighten and soften the skin

Masks to lighten the skin, girls always search for new recipes suitable for the skin so that it appears in its best look all the time, as we may neglect taking care of our skin for a long time and when we want to take care of it we seek a strong recipe that gives us a clear result from the first time, and since the last period There was a lot of weather fluctuations between rain and scorching sun, so the skin is certainly affected by these disturbances, but with the recipe that we present to you today, we guarantee you soft skin like children before any occasion.


Natural skin whitening masks


It is necessary that we take care of the skin all the time and not neglect it in any way, even if we only moisturize and exfoliate it as a basic thing, because it is affected by many factors around us and may cause it to become dehydrated, excessive fat exit, or to become inflamed due to the accumulation of harmful substances between the pores, and the natural or ready-made recipes that we buy for the skin It will not be the magic solution to transform the skin 180 degrees, but rather it is a catalyst for improving its condition. With masks, the skin must be moisturized with a suitable type of moisturizer and exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and soften them, in addition to choosing a recipe consisting of ingredients that suit the skin type.


Yogurt recipe to lighten and moisturize the skin


In order to get rid of dark spots in the body or dark spots on the skin, we can use these ingredients together and apply them to the area:


A mixture of two tablespoons of white flour, yogurt and lemon juice. This mixture is mixed after beating it more than once and forming a single mass. Then we spread the recipe on the face or the darkened area. The application is done gently with massage twice to remove dirt and fat from the skin, and we wait for half an hour. After this period, the skin is rinsed With cold water. Aloe vera gel to soften and lighten the skin


It is one of the best natural materials used on the skin because it relieves it of any problem it may suffer from, whether it is dark spots, wrinkles, fatigue and pallor, and all of this in one recipe:


Mix three tablespoons or an equal amount of turmeric and aloe vera gel until they become a creamy texture. We apply the recipe on clean, dry skin for ten minutes only. With the lotion intended for the skin, we clean it and remove this recipe from it

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